Welcome to the 2020 Optician Awards

Optician Award is going online!
Watch here live on Wednesday 9 December 2020 at 19.00GMT 

Receiving an Optician Award is a high point in any optical professional’s career so not even the Covid crisis is going to prevent Optician from presenting these coveted awards to their worthy winners.

Optician has worked hard with our sponsors to provide the finalists with the best possible Awards experience during this difficult year. The Optician Awards 2020 is going online to ensure those practices, people and products that excelled in 2019 receive the reward and recognition they deserve despite lockdowns and social distancing.

The Optician Awards 2020 will be premiered live here at 7.00pm on 9 December 2020, for all to watch free of cost to celebrate excellence in optics.

See you on the night in your dinner jacket or poshest frock! I’ll be wearing mine.

Chris Bennett