Ceremony on 6 December 2023 at The Hilton, Park Lane, London,

Congratulations to the winners of the Optician Awards 2023!

Domiciliary Award **NEW CATEGORY**

Winner: Optomise

A phenomenal response to this new category yielding six strong finalists.  However on the shortlist was one entrant that caught the judges’ eye with its holistic approach to patients and focus on home care. The winner, said the judges, emphasises training and has forged links with hospitals to bring extended care to patients in their own homes.


Connect Eyecare

Derby1 Domiciliary Specsavers

Newcastle2 Home Visits


Raymond White, Optometrist

Clinical Leader of the Future Award **NEW CATEGORY**

Winner: Kishan Devraj, Moorfields Eye Hospital

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The panel selected the winner for a cogent vision for how the profession could work with others to benefit the public. The entry was praised for encompassing Artificial Intelligence and technology likely to shape the future of the profession.


Esha Dutta, Vision Express

Krupa Mistry, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire

The Myopia Management Award

Winner: Craig McArthur, Peter Ivins Eye Care

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The judges commented on how quickly myopia management has progressed with many entrants offering a wide range of lifestyle and technologically-led programmes. The winner hit all the bases with excellent communication, screening, technology, education and early-wear support.


Iain Johnson, Johnson and Leatherbarrow Opticians

Deven Lakhani, Hammond Opticians

Keyur Patel, Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists

Bhavin Shah, Central Vision Opticians

Alex Smith, Michael Offord Optometrist

Dispensing Optician of the Year

Winner: Gill Thorp, Airedale Opticians

The panel praised the finalists for their dedication to dispensing. They chose a winner who excels in providing services that aren’t always readily available in the High Street. This is a DO who does all the things expected of them and is changing patients’ lives for the better, said the panel. They continue to develop their skills and are an example to other professionals.


Paul Davies, Nicklins Opticians

Scott O'Neill, Doctor Oculus

Helena Stengel, Anstee & Proctor Opticians

Lisa Whittaker, Eyes on the Moor

Optometrist of the Year

Winner: Dr Martin Smith, Martin Smith Opticians

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The victor is an optom the judges described as practicing the ‘next level’ of optometry. They have all the qualifications and equipment, but more importantly bring those to bear for the benefit of patients. An optom excelling while finding time to promote the profession and help peers.


Lloyd Griffiths, Lloyd Griffiths Eyecare

Mohammed Hafejee, Airedale Opticians

Elaine Hawthorn, Specsavers Opticians, Stranraer

Michael Offord, Michael Offord Optometrist

Sheena Tanna-Shah, Inspiring Success/Vision Express

Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year

Winner: Marc Drake, Osmond Drake Opticians

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The judges described the winner as someone who understands the importance of contact lenses in people's lives. This nominee has taken an interest in non-clinical aspects including ancillary training and commercial pricing to ensure patients’ access to products and services. ‘Great evidence of continual professional development putting the patient at the centre of practice’, said one judge.


Rebecca Donnelly, Lynne Fernandes Optometrists

Nicola Hughes, Specsavers Macclesfield

Rebecca Rietdyke, Johnson and Leatherbarrow Opticians

The Lens Award

Winner: Carl Zeiss Vision

The judges rewarded a focus on sustainability and environmental impact with two new innovative lenses introduced by the winner: Both come with a price-tag for their retail partners offering accessible technology, said the panel.




Younger Optics Europe

The Frame Award

Winner: Eyespace Eyewear

Our shortlist are all dedicated followers of fashion, but the judges chose a supplier that they said had done some serious thinking. This included research into facial characteristics, engaging with professionals, environmentally-friendly materials and understanding customers. This is a firm trusted in the profession, said the judges.


Continental Eyewear (Part of Millmead Optical Group)


The Contact Lens Award

Winner: mark'ennovy

Two contact lens suppliers with customer service at their core went head to head in this category. The judges opted for the one they said demonstrated an edge through a strong entry showing a diverse range of offerings and excellent customer support.



The Technology Award

Winner: Blueworks OIMS

Some excellent, and diverse, ideas but the winner demonstrated how technology can bridge the gap between primary and secondary care. The chosen entry uses  technology offering  the potential to make a positive and valuable contribution to patients’ lives on a national scale, said the judges.


Harrison Coley Opticians

Mainline Instruments




Optical Supplier Award

Winner: Practice Building

Sustainability was a theme throughout this category, but the winner wowed the judges with its innovative approach to achieving goals. Through science and evidence-based work with their clients, the successful entrant has helped practices become more sustainable with a ‘how-to-do-it’ attitude and practical approach.


Optimum Coatings Rx Lens Specialists

Optoplast (Part of Millmead Optical Group)

Seiko Optical

Social Media Practice of the Year

Winner: Pearce & Blackmore Opticians

The judges described the winning practice’s approach as informative and direct. Its use of social media prioritised useful information over sales pitches which was appreciated by the panel. Our winner uses a wide variety of platforms and maintains clear and simple branding.  The ethos of the practice is well communicated while the content is relevant, inclusive and helpful.


Loxley Opticians & Eyewear Experts

Yorkshire Eyewear

Technology Practice of the Year

Winner: Buchanan Optometrists

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Some super practices, but the winner was an exceptionally well-equipped practice which takes a logical approach to the use of technology. This practice uses technology more commonly found in the hospital service and it is using that to accelerate its partnership with secondary care.


Harrison Coley Opticians

Maskell + Josephson

Orr & Simpson Eye Care

Safarian and Simon Opticians

Fashion Practice of the Year

Winner: Rachel Murray Eyecare

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All beautiful practices, but our panel singled out one which brought an extra sense of style. This entrant offers superb customer care conducted in a beautifully set-out practice. It takes a minimalistic approach which embodies an understanding of luxury retailing. By stocking just a single frame from each collection it ensures local exclusivity to discerning customers.


Albert Road Opticians

Dickens Eye Clinic

Dipple & Conway Opticians

Norma Davies Opticians

The Optical Gallery

Contact Lens Practice of the Year

Winner: Park Vision

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Another closely-fought fight but one practice stormed to victory. It won the judges over with a wide suite of products, great technology, good use of social media and innovative communication. From children’s services, to contact lens buddies and dry eye clinics, this practice did everything to ensure contact lens success. The entrant said education and investment had elevated the practice: the judges agreed.


Camden Contact Lens Centre

Maskell + Josephson

Specsavers, Derby

Specsavers, Keighley

Optical Assistant Team of the Year

Winner: Rach Optometrists

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The judges rewarded a practice team that works together and communicates well. More importantly it recognises when things go wrong and puts them right to achieve a good outcome for patients.


Allegro Optical

David Burghardt Vision Care

Saffron Eyecare

Specsavers, Hucknall

Yorkshire Eyewear

Multiple Practice of the Year

Winner: Specsavers, Northampton

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Personalisation for the patient and adapting services caught the judges’ eye in this category. The winner was praised for sharing evidence of success and demonstrating a commitment to training and implementing it for the benefit of patients. This practice is also keen to pick up on patient feedback to adapt services in the future.


Boots Opticians, Congleton

Specsavers, Bingley

Specsavers, Weedon Road

Vision Express, Swiss Cottage

Independent Practice of the Year

Winner: Buchanan Optometrists

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Congratulations to all of the practices on this shortlist in a fiercely-fought category.

The judges chose a winner with a commitment to a truly personalised service, featuring innovative elements before, during and after a consultation. The victor demonstrates good product and technology investment. Its video marketing starts the patient journey early while individualised care and great use of the PMS brings a personal touch.


Davies & Jones Optometrists

Mr Jinkinsons

Pearce and Blackmore Opticians

Wood Street Opticians